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Religious Significance of Rudraksha

History has it that the Rudraksha is a descendant from Lord Shiva in the form of tears. Seems religious enough but its scientific properties are something that we cannot deny. However, as of religion, they are gems that need to be protected and cherished. Their positive vibrations and tendency to overcome negative energy is something that exceeds the level of science. Therefore, if you want to endure spirituality, buy a Rudraksha.

Japmala – Means to meditation and salvation

Saints wore it to have a religious connect with Lord Shiva, and they believed that it purified them from all the sins. Saints who meditate have a habit of counting the number of beads in a Rudraksha Mala since it is a symbol of religion and spiritualism. It creates a positive aura that binds the meditation and renders the highest spirituality. Saints who meditate in the Himalayas believe that Rudraksha being a descendant of Lord Shiva is a means to reach salvation at the earliest.

Brahmins way of cherishing

Brahmins wear Rudraksha and have a perfect procedure to preserve and protect it. They make sure that they respect its presence and will not harm it in any way possible. They do not wear it if they visit a cemetery or a funeral. They make sure that they remain clean when they wear Rudraksha and it is a mandatory habit too. Not only Brahmins, but even ordinary people must also follow specific rules when they wear Rudraksha. It is vital to take a bath regularly since a pure person must wear a godly seed. Not only physical cleanliness, but our thoughts must also be genuine and positive when wearing Rudraksha. Having an evil and ill mind might spoil the purity of Rudraksha.

Religious Mantras to be uttered

Rudraksha is the outcome of Lord Shiva’s tears, so it is essential to praise Lord Shiva when wearing it. The overall outcome of the seed gets better if mantras are uttered and respected. Whenever you wear Rudraksha or remove it, you must chant “Om Nama Shivaya” for 3 to 11 times. You can touch it with your forehead daily after performing Pooja to endure the blessings from Lord Shiva. If by any chance, you have made it dirty, make sure to cleanse it with “Ganga Jal” to attain purification.

Intermittent wearers of Rudraksha

It is not a compulsion that it must be worn regularly. You can buy Rudraksha to inherit the benefits by wearing it on auspicious days such as Navaratri, Shivratri, Poornima, etc. You can wear it on auspicious days of Lord Shiva and fasting might also be great. However, it is essential to wear it with a pure mind and soul. If you are subjected to negative thoughts or behavior, then the benefits of Rudraksha vanishes.

Hinduism – Lord Shiva’s Rudraksha

In the religion of Hinduism, Lord Shiva is a superior god and having a chance at wearing a blessing from him is undoubtedly precious. The protection and power it renders to the wearer is beyond science and must be respected and trusted. Trust is the foremost thing in terms of religion, and it is the same with Rudraksha. Any person with negative thoughts and doubts regarding its power cannot endure the entire benefits of Rudraksha. Since belief is the key to spirituality

Final Verdict

Rudraksha might seem a bit religious but science has its way of explaining things, and it is proven that Rudraksha is naturally powerful. So when you buy a Rudraksha, no matter which religion you belong, it is mandatory to respect and cherish it to endure every magical aspect of it.