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Home Automation Essentials

A generation ago, home automation was only available to the very affluent. Even then, it required installation that could significantly disrupt a home, lots of complicated passwords and keypads, and was still prone to frequent malfunctions. Today, however, technology and integration have both advanced so far that practically anyone can set up and run a smart home using a variety of connected, wireless, and handheld devices. Here are some major automation features that you can employ in your house.


In cases of emergency or, there’s no substitute for the services of a security team like investigation services Louisiana, but there are great options available for day-to-day monitoring. These systems can help protect you against vandalism or package stealing, and alert you to suspicious visitors or trespassers. Most allow you to livestream from a camera by your front door or doorbell, or an array of cameras through your house. Of course, if you see an intruder through these, call 911 or your security company, rather than try to take them on yourself.


One of the great benefits of a smart home is that authorized people (usually you and your family) can get in without keys or even keypads in some cases. Keyless entry for both homes and cars has become a much more realistic and practical practice in recent years. While keypad entry has been around for some time, the mechanics can sometimes be faulty, not allowing access to people even with the code. And the codes themselves can be problematic, as anyone who has it or can guess it can get in. Now, a smartphone with Face ID or even a fingerprint can be used to gain entry, making it much harder for unauthorized people to come in.

Lights and Temperature

A smart home is usually a comfortable one! That’s because it’s easier than ever to set lights on a custom timer to come on when it’s time to get out of bed, or when you’ll be home for the day. You can also easily adjust the intensity and even color of the light with a phone or home computer. The same is true of the temperature of the house. Certain smart thermostats can control individual rooms, and “learn” how warm to keep them at different times.


Of course, devices like Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s Homepods being voice-activated and connected to streaming services are a futuristic dream come true for movie and music lovers!

Smart technology has made major advancements in the last few years. And there’s no indication that it will slow down any time soon!