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3 things to check before you order your next pair of glasses

Selecting the right kind of lenses for your glasses is something far more important than the selection of the frame itself because the right pair of lenses in your glasses will ensure happiness for you. If there is something slightly wrong with the lens, your head could go dizzy and you would lose focus on the work. Therefore, it is very important that you select the lens carefully and here in this guide, we are going to tell you about it.

The importance of the selection of the right pair of glasses is vital as it would not only effect your vision, but would also play huge role in your appearance therefore before you go get your new pair of eyeglasses, you must read the guidelines we have to share with you.

  • Material of the lens

Initially, the lenses of the eyeglasses Augusta Maine were made with the glass but there were many issues in the use of these glasses as they very easy breakable and they would cause much harm. So by the year 1947, when the plastic lenses were first introduced, the glass lenses got pretty non popular and today, when you shop for the lenses, you can find a big number of materials used for manufacturing the lenses. These include

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Polycarbonate
  • High index plastic

Now each of these materials have a high refractive index that is important to be considered as this refractive index is a measure of the bending of the light. The thinner the material is, the better would be the bending of the light and more are your chances to enjoy the vision. You can find the variety of such materials at any eyeglasses Augusta Maine store.

Another material that has been introduced in the industry for the manufacturing of the lenses for the glasses is the one named as photochromic lens, one that adjusts the bending of the light according to the incident light, hence you can use it all day long without any hassle.

  • Abbe Value

The abbe value or the abbe number of the lenses also has to be taken into consideration when you are purchasing the lens for your glasses. It is the measure as to which extent the lens disperses the lights of different wavelengths that fall upon it. With a lower abbe number, the lens is more likely for make less dispersion and less chromatic aberration. It typically ranges from 59 to 30. So the lower the value on this scale, the better is the lens for your sight.

 The price of the lens

Of course, one important thing to consider while purchasing the lens of the glasses is the price. A normal person would not have thousands to spend on the lenses, however, the more you spend, the better would your vision be and the happier would be the eyes. So next time when you are out to purchase the lenses for your glasses, consider all these things and then make the right choice.