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How To Keep Your CDL Safe

If you’re a commercially-licensed truck driver, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. Not everyone has what it takes to maneuver a big rig on the road. Since truck driving means long hours and tight schedules, it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll be ticketed. To avoid ruining your career and everything you’ve trained for, here are several tips to keep you and your CDL safe.

Obey the Law

Obeying the law is a no-brainer in any vehicle, but it’s especially important when you do it for a living. Deciding to drive recklessly is the fastest way to lose your CDL. Always remember to buckle your seatbelt and drive defensively by monitoring your surroundings and staying below the speed limit. In foul weather, go even slower. If you approach a work zone, be aware of lane changes and be prepared to stop.

Get Legal Help With Tickets

Even the most experienced truck drivers get a ticket at some point in their career. Of course, a parking ticket or going slightly above the speed limit won’t cause you to lose your job, but if you’re harboring several of those violations, you could have your license suspended or revoked. Contacting lawyers for commercial drivers is the best way to handle this type of situation to avoid points on your license.

Never Drive Under the Influence

It should come as no surprise that getting a DUI would be devastating to your CDL. To avoid losing your livelihood, never get behind the wheel of any vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including prescription pills that make you sleepy. Besides losing your job and paying hefty fines, you could cause an accident that results in serious injury or death to you or someone else.

Perform a Truck Inspection Every Day

As a CDL driver, you’re not a mechanic but you’re still responsible for your vehicle. Before heading out on your route, you’ll need to perform a pre-trip inspection of your truck. This includes tires, brakes, suspension, lights and couplings. Likewise when you return for the night, do a post-trip inspection. This allows you to report any problems and have them repaired.

If you’re a commercial truck driver, your CDL is the key to making a great living. To stay on top of your career, keep your license safe by always obeying the law, seeking legal help when needed and making safety a priority.