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When to call an emergency plumber?

Whenever you experience a plumbing issue, you can assess and decide if you want emergency plumber right then or can wait till next working day.  Some situations like leaking faucet or sinks, clogged drains or sewer backup can wait if you have other bathroom in the house to use and situation is under control.

Emergency plumbers are available 24/7 to provide plumbing services at any time of day or night, to residential and commercial properties. They are trained to handle all types of repairs and problems efficiently. Emergency plumbers charge more for emergency repairs as they provide their 24 hr plumbing services at odd times at night or at weekends or on holidays. Emergency plumbing service provides routine maintenance and new installation as well as emergency repairs.

Here are some situations when you need immediate help of an emergency plumber, otherwise you will get your home and contents damaged by water. A late repair can cost you more than timely repair.

Burst pipes

Snowy season freeze the water in pipes and tend to break them on expansion. You need to resolve the issue of frozen pipes in advance to prevent them from bursting.

Gas leaks

Gas leaks are very dangerous and life-threatening situation. You must evacuate the area and call for professional plumber immediately.

Sewer backup

Due to sewage backup, hazardous waste water enters your bathrooms and they contain harmful pathogens and bacteria. This is very harmful for your health and need emergency professionals to resolve the issue checking main water line and sewer manholes.


Broken pipes or flooding due to other undetected reasons call for professional help as water can damage your valuable belongings and structure of house. Flooding can cause the damage to structure of your neighbors too. Flooding can cause mold growth and electric shocks too.

Water leakage adds to high water bills and you are unaware of reasons. Only a trained plumber knows how to detect and mitigate this situation.

It is possible to prevent plumbing emergencies in some cases if you get regular maintenance for your plumbing system and appliances. Checking and cleaning your plumbing accessories, water supply lines, sewage system, sump pump and more, makes the systems and accessories in good working condition. Any leakage or fault is repaired before it becomes major problem and cost you more in bills. Cleaning and maintenance give long functioning life to different appliances and save you from sudden disasters.

Besides a routine plumber is aware of your system and knows how to handle the problems. In case of emergencies, you can get coverage in emergencies as your plumber is responsible for its maintenance. It is convenient to call your regular plumber in emergencies as he will come to work at moment’s notice, at any time of day or night.

You should take precautions not to misuse your bathroom accessories, like not to flush odd things such as hair, dental floss, cotton balls or sanitary objects, which will block the toilet. Do not use harsh chemicals to unclog sewer lines which can do more harm than good. Harsh chemicals erode metal pipes and they get damaged and leaks. Avoid throwing grease down the kitchen sinks, which can easily stick in sewer lines with food particles and dirt.