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The Importance of Odor Suppression for Improved Business Success

The first impression your business makes to your clients is crucial and the scent that comes off once they enter your business premises is important. If for example, you have bad odors in your construction site, when a customer and even employees come to these unpleasant smells, be sure that they will leave. For this reason, you must have odor control measures in place. As such, be sure to choose the right equipment to address the type of odor produced in your construction business.

What Are the Causes of Odor in Business Premises?

There are different causes of odor in construction business premises. But with odor suppressing units by brands like BossTek, you’re sure you can handle any type of odor. The cause of odor depends on the nature of the business you run. And in construction companies, some causes of bad odor are older equipment that needs repair, unsuitable covers used at the wastewater treatment site, and even organic substances in anaerobic water.

What Are the Different Ways to Suppress Odor in Your Business?

The option of odor suppression you choose will be determined by the source of the odor. There are different methods of eliminating bad odor some of which include:

Misting and Dosing Chemicals

Misting and dosing use specialized combinations of essential oils, organic compounds, and surfactants that encourage absorption and decomposition of odors by converting them into non-volatile compounds. In most instances, they are installed during the groundwork stage of the construction project and they get rid of surface-based odors and air-borne odors.

Air Scrubbing Systems

Air scrubbing is an effective way to remove gases and particulates from industrial exhaust streams. Air scrubbing systems work by passing the contaminated air through water and in some cases a chemical solution or activated carbon. This method is common in chemical processing factories, steelworks, and petroleum refineries.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon can remove gaseous odors by removing specific VOCs and other organic contaminants. The activated carbon soaks odor from the contaminated air but it gets quickly saturated and needs to be replaced regularly.

Photoionization Systems

Photoionization systems use high-intensity ultra-violet (UV) light and use specialized catalysts to remove odors from the contaminated air. These systems disinfect the air without using any chemicals, use low power, and take up little space when compared to the other treatment options.

Odor Control Products

These are different types of chemicals that are used for offensive odor abatement. They include:


Deodorizers come in different forms such as sprays, water-soluble liquid, gel, powder, and water-soluble liquids. They are used to wade away bad odor for example in bathrooms and toilets.

Metered Dispensers

Metered dispensers are available in different varieties of customer-pleasing scents. This is an effective yet very low-maintenance method of odor control. Their batteries can last up to two years and the refills can last up to 180 days.

It is important to keep your business odor-free not to throw off your customers. Remember that the method of odor suppression you decide to go with depends on its cause. Sometimes it’s best if you let professionals handle it for the best results.